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Getting Started

In Your Classroom:

Each student can easily sign up using their existing Google accounts or email. After Sign up, Stackup will prompt each user to add the Chrome Extension. Just make sure extensions are allowed at your school, or ask your IT department to whitelist Stackup. Google instructions on whitelisting here.
After this step, your students are Stacking, you could stop here and you would be a success.

In Your School or School District:

Push the Chrome Extension to all devices in under 2 minutes. Then all students can easily sign up using their existing Google accounts or by email. Learn more by watching the video, or access the Google instructions here.
How to

Setup a Reading Challenge

Challenges are a great way to keep track of how students are doing. Create a Challenge in a specific category like Science, or at a specific website like Nasa.gov – Add a time goal and put a due date on it. Check out the video to learn how.
How to

Build a Profile

Having Students build their Profile is the best way to stay updated on how a student is progressing over a long period of time (Think longer than a challenge). Once a student has built their Profile, they can share their unique Profile URL with Teachers & Parents. Note: The only way to access a Profile is with this unique URL. Lets take a look at how to build a Profile.
How To

Use Suggested Sites

Under the Suggested Sites page, you will find a list of the best websites on the web. To make things easier, we have categorized these websites. Click the dropdown to pick a category that interests you and start exploring. See the video to learn how.

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