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+ Increase Reading for all Students!
+ School-wide Reading Level Analytics.
+ Online Usage Data for Apps, Programs, & Websites.
+ Promote Student Interests.

Tech Leaders

+ Easy Deployment of Stackup School-wide.
+ Student Online Engagement Analytics.
+ Usage Data of Online Apps, Programs, & Websites.

Teachers & Students

+ Articles by Reading Level & Subject.
+ Reading Challenges & Leaderboards.
+ Daily Reading Time & Reading Level Analytics.
+ Student Passion Portfolios with Badges Awarded for Reading.
+ Misleading News Notification.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Stackup beneficial to schools and districts that are already using online reading programs?
The Stackup Library is curating open sourced reading content by reading level, subject and category. Features of Stackup can easily help schools determine whether programs and apps are being utilized by providing metrics around usage, engagement, and different frequencies of time.
How can Stackup measure and track online usage?
Stackup captures online engagement for students at an individual student level, grade/class level, whole school level, and district level. This means that Stackup can measure what students read, how long they read, and their reading level on anything they read or access on the internet.
How does Stackup work?
Stackup is using a patent-pending artificial intelligent technology that detects real reading and engagement with high accuracy. The result is quantification of all online reading & learning, without constant quizzing, testing, and surveying to benchmark progress and usage.
What technology does Stackup work with best?
Stackup works best on Chromebooks, but it works on any device that runs the full Chrome browser. Stackup is currently not compatible for iOS and Android products.
What is your privacy policy and is Stackup secure?
Stackup is completely secure. It is also COPPA and FERPA compliant. Data is encrypted via SSL/TLS and ISO27001 evaluated. Stackup has also voluntarily agreed to be a part of the Student Privacy Pledge. Access Stackup’s full Privacy Policy here.
How long does it take to set up and deploy Stackup?
Stackup is easy to set up and quick to deploy. School districts can deploy it to thousands of devices in a matter of seconds through the Google Admin panel.
How is Stackup helping students acquire digital citizenship skills?
Working with Google & Common Sense Media, Stackup notifies students if they visit a website or article that is known to be misleading, fabricated, or deceptive. Instead of blocking the site, the notification asks students questions so they can further evaluate the content themselves.
How much does Stackup cost?
Stackup is a free tool for students, so they can get credit and showcase all of their online learning. For school or district pricing information, please inquire here.

Getting Started

How to

Setup Your School or District:

Push the Chrome Extension to all devices, and sign every student up automatically in under 2 minutes.
How to

Setup a New Class:

If auto sign up is turned off, each student can easily sign up using their existing Google accounts or email. After Sign up, Stackup will prompt each user to add the Chrome Extension.
How to

Setup a Reading Challenge:

Challenges are a great way to keep track of how students are doing. Create a Challenge in a specific category like Science, or at a specific website like – Add a time goal and put a due date on it. Check out the video to learn how.
How to

Have Students Build Their Profile:

Having Students build their Profile is the best way to stay updated on how a student is progressing over a long period of time (Think longer than a challenge). Once a student has built their Profile, they can share their unique Profile URL with Teachers & Parents. Note: The only way to access a Profile is with this unique URL. Lets take a look at how to build a Profile.
How To

Use Suggested Sites:

Under the Suggested Sites page, you will find a list of the best websites on the web. To make things easier, we have categorized these websites. Click the dropdown to pick a category that interests you and start exploring. See the video to learn how.

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