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What does “The Fitbit of reading” do?

Measure Time Reading

Stackup’s artificial intelligence knows when students are actually reading & engaged with high accuracy. No need for constant comprehension quizzes.

Reading Level Metrics

Stackup measures the reading level of every article on the web, suggests content by reading level, and reports the avg. reading level students access.

Digital Citizenship Refined

Stackup notifies students if they visit a website that has been known to post misleading, fabricated, deceptive, or grossly distorted news & information.

Issue Career Badges

Stackup categorizes reading into 60 subject areas, and awards career oriented badges that showcase passion & interest.

With Great Power, Comes Great Accountability

The learning benefits of the entire web, with the accountability
you need to measure progress & engagement district/school wide.

Stackup in the Classroom

Installation Made Easy

The Stackup browser extension was designed to install on all of your classrooms Google devices in under a minute via Google Admin. Students can sign in using their existing Google accounts, or another email address – No messy usernames.
Stackup in the Classroom

Create Reading Challenges

Move beyond self-reported reading charts in your classroom and assign reading by category, reading level, or website. Create friendly competition by enabling the leaderboard.
Stackup in the Classroom

Make Learning Personal

Stackup categorizes reading into 60 subject areas and awards badges for achievement in each subject, providing teachers with insight into students passion and interest.

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Why our community loves us

“We use Stackup as a core solution for our district of over 30,000 students. We needed a tool to track and measure reading. We found that we could easily push Stackup to thousands of classrooms and start to gain valuable data about reading habits and important support for kids. Teachers can also see student passions and help foster a love of reading. ”

Ben W., Director of Blended Learning, Aurora Public Schools
” I can see exactly who is working and who isn’t…When we first started using [Stackup] the students weren’t even asking to go to the restroom. I was like, ‘Wow. We’re not taking a break here.’ They seem to love it. “
Jacqueline, Denver Public Schools
” It’s really rewarding because then you can know you’re learning more of this subject and you can do better in actual school. “
Mia, Student
” Everyone’s a genius at something, and Stackup has turned the entire web into a place to find & share that genius. “
JW Wilson, Neuroscientist
” Stackup gives us data and important insight into our students that we need to teach successfully. “
Mike Cammilleri, Teacher
” Stackup is a disruptive technology that will change how we use the web. “
Steve Ziegler , Z3Talent

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