Stackup Review

By Cameron, 7th Grade

Stackup is helpful in the classroom in many ways. Stackup tracks student reading progress and makes it easy for students to check on their own progress, verify amount of time reading and what grade level you’re reading. For some students it feels good to know your progress. I look at my Stackup and see I have read a total of 25 hours. Teachers can create challenges, and this motivates students to want to read or research more. In a challenge, it is competitive, so who ever does the most reading gets to the top of the leaderboard. This website is accessible anywhere like at school or at home.

If you write on google docs or some other website you write on, the extension will give you the reading level of that text. On an essay I was writing I looked at the level, and it said grade 11 grade, you better believe that made me happy. This is also helpful in class because if you’re writing a essay and you’re in the 9th grade and it says grade 8th grade, you can look at that and you can know you need to fix something.

I first found out about this at school. After that in all my classes it tracks all my reading on websites. No you don’t need to buy anything, all you really have to do is sign up with Google and done! Adults can do this too, and they can track their own progress. Even parents can sign up their own children. When you see your progress and realize you read a lot more than you think it feels good and it gets you thinking. Why didn’t I sign up for this earlier?