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Stackup Joins the Google for Education Partner Program

(DENVER, CO, September 13th, 2018) Stackup is being used by superintendents, technology directors, teachers, librarians, and students in many classrooms, schools, and districts across the world. Stackup is used on computers to provide educators with visualized data on student reading and engaged time online, while discovering students' interests and rewarding them for self directed learning. Other metrics include student reading levels, reading frequency, progress, and categorical reading topics that help educators provide more meaningful and personalized instruction. Stackup now works even better with Google's K-12 products and solutions including Chromebooks and G Suite for Education, which is used by more than [...]

September 6th, 2018|Press, Product Updates|

New Feature Notifies Students of Misleading Information

Stackup joins fight against misleading news & information with new feature At Stackup, we cherish the vast amount of knowledge the Web provides. Students can explore and read about things that truly interest them. Their learning is limited only by the pace of their own passion and inquiry. However, with access to the greatest information trove ever, comes great responsibility. While there are no gatekeepers standing between students and quality information, there is also nothing to partition untrustworthy information. Starting today, Stackup users will see a notification if they visit a website that has been known to post misleading, fabricated, deceptive, [...]

June 6th, 2017|Product Updates|

Stackup Review: By Cameron, 7th Grade

Stackup Review By Cameron, 7th Grade Stackup is helpful in the classroom in many ways. Stackup tracks student reading progress and makes it easy for students to check on their own progress, verify amount of time reading and what grade level you're reading. For some students it feels good to know your progress. I look at my Stackup and see I have read a total of 25 hours. Teachers can create challenges, and this motivates students to want to read or research more. In a challenge, it is competitive, so who ever does the most reading gets to the top of the leaderboard. [...]

March 13th, 2017|Press|

Lesson Plan Ideas: Science – Read About Exoplanets

Seven newly spied Earth-sized planets orbiting a nearby star! Create a Stackup Challenge and have your students read about exoplanets. Steps: Go to Challenges and create reading Challenge Title: How about "Exoplanets" Start / End date: 4 days Goal: 1 Hour Type Website(s) exoplanets.nasa.gov trappist.one planethunters.org  

February 25th, 2017|Lesson Plan Ideas|

Lesson Plan Ideas: Weekly Current Events Reading

Calling All History Teachers! Keep Your Students Current Event Knowledge Sharp Create a weekly Stackup reading Challenge and get your students to read 2 hours a week on the latest news happening in our world. Steps: Go to Challenges and create reading Challenge Title: How about "Weekly Current Events Reading" Start / End date: 7 days Goal: 2 Hours Type (2 Options) Select Categories - "News & Info" Website - NPR.org  - or your favorite website for News Tips from Noah G, National Teacher of The Year: Remember, the goal here is to simply get students to read more, all while staying up to [...]

February 15th, 2017|Lesson Plan Ideas|

Why Reading Is So Important: The Facts

Time Spent Reading Is Critical “Extensive reading was linked to superior performance on measures of general knowledge, vocabulary, spelling, verbal fluency, and reading comprehension.” – Cunningham and Stanovich, 1998 “In one of the most extensive studies of reading yet conducted, Anderson, Wilson, and Fielding traced reading growth to reading and reading volume. They found that the amount of time students spent reading was the best predictor of reading achievement.” – Anderson, Wilson, and Fielding (1988) “It is clear that reading early in life are critical factors in student success,” – Anthony W. Marx, president of the New York Public Library, New York Times (2015) “Students not [...]

February 5th, 2017|Research|

Product Update: Find the Reading Level of Any Webpage

Based on feedback from the Stackup community, we recently launched a new feature that measures the reading level of any webpage on the web. Using the Flesch-Kinkaid Grade Level readability test, Stackup can now instantly identify the grade level of the text on a webpage with a single click of the “Measure reading level” button in the extension. This feature will be helpful for students who want to ensure that they are reading appropriately leveled texts. For teachers, knowing the grade level of texts will help them to quickly differentiate assigned readings based on their students’ varied levels of readiness. We [...]

November 16th, 2016|CEO Notes, Product Updates|

Boost your content output, and give yourself some cred, too

Bloggers know that creating a great blog post means more time spent researching and reading about their topic than actually writing the post itself. With so many great tools like Zapier, Evernote, and Trello available to aid with the writing process, what about something that celebrates the best part of creating a post – the learning process? Here’s a game changer: Stackup. It was founded by Nick Garvin in Denver who realized “his resume failed to document the thousands of hours he had spent learning online.” This tool compiles all the articles you read into a social profile with stats, badges, and even games. [...]

October 27th, 2016|Press|

Tech Startup of The Year!

The idea that Silicon Valley is the dominant place for startups is, well, pretty dominant. Go through any listing of name brand startups and you will see plenty from San Francisco. Since the startup revolution is a movement without boundaries, however, you will find Silicon Valley can be a state of mind as much as a location. This week, Stackup was named "Tech Startup of the Year, giving silicon valley a run for its money." Not everything is happening on the coasts. Presented By The Denver Post And Millennial Week - Check out Stackup's newest award, and read about it in the [...]

August 24th, 2016|Press|

Product Update: Teachers Asked, Stackup Answered

The New & Improved Stackup You have been asking for new features, and we’re excited to share them with you this Back to School season! Here are the new features that will make your students shine. First, we've added an option for you to customize your experience based on whether you are a Teacher, Student, or just using Stackup for Personal Use. Website Specific Challenges Finally, you can now create a challenge based on a specific website or a list of websites. Try It out or see it in action. Suggested Reading Stackup has added a list list of suggested sites [...]

August 24th, 2016|Product Updates|