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Embracing the Changes in Higher Education

By: Kevin Browne, Philosopher / Educator It seems that not a week goes by anymore without another article on the coming, massive, disruptive changes in higher education. The End of the University as we Know it and Will the Rich Abandon Four Year Degrees? are two examples. There is no shortage of others I could cite. Now is the time for educators and students to learn about the changes and embrace them. There is always some discomfort in disruption, but there is also potential for more and better learning. Look at things from the point of view of students: 1. Knowledge [...]

March 23rd, 2016|Press|

Hitting 100,000 Hours

We are happy to announce that StackUp's users have now scored 100,000 hours of time. If you were our only user, this would be like you started reading today and didn't stop until 2026. Our users are becoming aerospace experts, business professionals, and even zoology gurus while using Stackup to capture it all. The internet is overflowing with knowledge and our users are soaking it all up. For those of you that are new to StackUp - The StackUp Tool securely tracks your time reading at any website and then automatically scores and categorizes that time into 60 subject areas. [...]

May 10th, 2015|CEO Notes|

Tip: Five Things Hiring Managers Look For

Remember, during the interview and hiring process, there is a lot more to the interview than just your resume and recommendations. The Muse.com highlighted qualities managers are looking for in a candidate. Despite having the perfect resume on paper, you might be lacking some Strong proof of why you would be a good candidate on your resume—Make sure you show milestones and achievements within your job instead of just telling what you did. According to Alison Green, a former nonprofit chief of staff and author of theAskaManager blog, standing out on your resume is more important than keeping it to one page. [...]

April 13th, 2015|Tips|

Tip: How Stackup Can Boost Your Resume

“Okay, so tell me a little more about yourself.” The dreaded question you stay up to late thinking over the night before a job interview is one of the most common heard. You stumble to spill your elevator speech verbatim as you practiced it, and that’s it. Onto the next daunting interview question, your hobbies, passion, and breadth of interest may never be surfaced in the conversation again. Maybe you spend time reading Advertising Age every morning, or learning the latest news on Techcrunch.com. Similarly, maybe you monitor the Stock Market through the day, or are constantly catching up on [...]

March 7th, 2015|Tips|

Expanding Your Social Influence

When we first began studying that habits of time spent online, most people felt that people 15-30 are just on Facebook and that they are not intellectually curious enough to utilize the breadth of the web. That even though these teenagers and young adults gaze for hours on end at the biggest library in existence, that most of the engagement and absorption was coming from news feeds and likes. I am happy to officially call this myth busted. At StackUp, a user can turn a Stacker or toggle switch on/off when ever they want to capture their time reading about ANYTHING online. [...]

February 25th, 2015|CEO Notes|