Tip: Five Things Hiring Managers Look For

Remember, during the interview and hiring process, there is a lot more to the interview than just your resume and recommendations. The Muse.com highlighted qualities managers are looking for in a candidate. Despite having the perfect resume on paper, you might be lacking some Strong proof of why you would be a good candidate on your resume—Make sure you show milestones and achievements within your job instead of just telling what you did. According to Alison Green, a former nonprofit chief of staff and author of theAskaManager blog, standing out on your resume is more important than keeping it to one page. [...]

April 13th, 2015|Tips|

Tip: How Stackup Can Boost Your Resume

“Okay, so tell me a little more about yourself.” The dreaded question you stay up to late thinking over the night before a job interview is one of the most common heard. You stumble to spill your elevator speech verbatim as you practiced it, and that’s it. Onto the next daunting interview question, your hobbies, passion, and breadth of interest may never be surfaced in the conversation again. Maybe you spend time reading Advertising Age every morning, or learning the latest news on Techcrunch.com. Similarly, maybe you monitor the Stock Market through the day, or are constantly catching up on [...]

March 7th, 2015|Tips|