Remember, during the interview and hiring process, there is a lot more to the interview than just your resume and recommendations.

The highlighted qualities managers are looking for in a candidate. Despite having the perfect resume on paper, you might be lacking some

  1. Strong proof of why you would be a good candidate on your resume—Make sure you show milestones and achievements within your job instead of just telling what you did. According to Alison Green, a former nonprofit chief of staff and author of theAskaManager blog, standing out on your resume is more important than keeping it to one page.
  2. Enthusiasm and passion for the position—According to, if you really want to work with that particular company let it be known in multiple ways throughout your interview, cover letter, etc. This is where you would present your StackUp score.
  3. Do your research on the company—Talk to people who have worked there, search your interviewer on LinkedIn, know the culture that you are getting yourself into. Come prepared with questions that pertain to the actual job and the work environment.
  4. Ability to be a team player—Highlight your past teamwork experiences to show that you can work well with others. Success stories are a great way to do this whether it’s highlighting a team project in college, or a team assignment at your last job.
  5. Long Term Potential—The last thing a manager wants to do is hire someone that stays for 6 months and moves on. Make sure you let your interviewer know that you see growth within the position and company. If you are unsure of the growth potential, ask. This shows your interest in a long term position.