“Okay, so tell me a little more about yourself.” The dreaded question you stay up to late thinking over the night before a job interview is one of the most common heard. You stumble to spill your elevator speech verbatim as you practiced it, and that’s it. Onto the next daunting interview question, your hobbies, passion, and breadth of interest may never be surfaced in the conversation again.

Maybe you spend time reading Advertising Age every morning, or learning the latest news on Techcrunch.com. Similarly, maybe you monitor the Stock Market through the day, or are constantly catching up on Entreprenuer.com articles. Unless you were able to rattle all of this information off in your “all about me spiel” the interviewer will never know this information…until now.

StackUp provides documentation and proof that you can present to an interviewer, along with your resume, portfolio, and anything else you may have to show where your passion and concentration truly is. According to Patrick Mussel of University of Wurzburg “curiosity is an important individual difference variable in work settings. Using measures of curiosity for recruiting and selecting is recommended for employers. StackUp is a perfect example of this.

As these findings become more and more known, StackUp will begin to provide more value to your resume. So start stacking your online activities. You never know how it will come in handy.