How-To Videos

Super short and sweet videos on how to use Stackup



Use the Dashboard

The Dashboard gives you the big picture of all your students. Whether you are a school leader or a teacher, the aggregated data is only of the students you oversee.



Use the Data Page

The Data page is for when things get serious. Dig into School, Class, or even Student data to make comparisons. You can also export the data into excel if things get really serious.



Create Challenges

Challenges are like assignments. Assign reading or research by picking a category or two, pick just a website, or just get students to read whatever they want for 2o minutes a day. Want more tips? Check out what other Teachers are doing.



Use the Library

Stackup works on the entire web, but to make things even easier, meet the Stackup Library. The most popular and interesting articles on the web, organized by subject area and reading level from over 300 educational websites.


Check out our Implementation Guide

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