Calling All History Teachers! Keep Your Students Current Event Knowledge Sharp

Create a weekly Stackup reading Challenge and get your students to read 2 hours a week on the latest news happening in our world.


  1. Go to Challenges and create reading Challenge
  2. Title: How about “Weekly Current Events Reading”
  3. Start / End date: 7 days
  4. Goal: 2 Hours
  5. Type (2 Options)
    1. Select Categories – “News & Info”
    2. Website –  – or your favorite website for News

Tips from Noah G, National Teacher of The Year:

  • Remember, the goal here is to simply get students to read more, all while staying up to date on the latest news. So encouraging students to find any articles that interest them works best.
  • Enable the leaderboard and encourage students to check it. This sprinkles in a little extrinsic motivation!