(DENVER, CO, September 13th, 2018) Stackup is being used by superintendents, technology directors, teachers, librarians, and students in many classrooms, schools, and districts across the world. Stackup is used on computers to provide educators with visualized data on student reading and engaged time online, while discovering students’ interests and rewarding them for self directed learning. Other metrics include student reading levels, reading frequency, progress, and categorical reading topics that help educators provide more meaningful and personalized instruction.
Stackup now works even better with Google’s K-12 products and solutions including Chromebooks and G Suite for Education, which is used by more than 80 million students and teachers around the world.
“Our vision is to help unlock the web’s full potential for education by serving the learner with interest-driven content at the right reading level and then rewarding that learner with credit that can showcase their passion and reading time to their teacher or even next employer. The Google for Education Team is accelerating our innovation to help us reach our vision faster.” said Nick Garvin, CEO, Stackup.” said Nick Garvin, CEO, Stackup.

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